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United States Taxpayers To Sue Rand Paul For Wasting Their Time And Money

It appears Rand Paul thinks suing President Obama and his administration for something which began under the Bush administration, and legal under current law, is a good use of taxpayer funds. Senator Paul, paid by the taxpayers, wants to sue the government for massive data collection done by the NSA since 2006. This lawsuit will need to be defended with the use of taxpayer funds. Paul doesn’t quite realize that he’s in the legislative branch of government and holds he […]

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Romney: 47% Of The Nation Needs To Pack Up And Leave

Some additional leaked video footage has been discovered showing Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney on his estate in New Hampshire. It seems one of his house employees serving a gathering of local donors and friends captured the former governor of Massachusetts revealing his true feelings about what 47% of the country needs to do, at least according to him.

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