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Devastating Storm Warning: Los Angeles

Weather forecasters issued a dire warning for Los Angeles residents. Two massive storm fronts are making their way through the Pacific Ocean, the first is expected to make land fall as early as Wednesday evening and could drop up to a quarter-of-an-inch of rain. The news had Angelino’s panicking as they raided local supermarkets for supplies and local sporting good stores for anything that floats. Pasadena resident Ralph Waitie had this to say about the incoming storm, “I’m pulling my […]

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People Are Really Hurting With the Stock Market Closed Again, Says Romney

“The stock market being closed for two days in a row is absolutely devastating to many. Shucks, I’ve lost a few million since Monday myself. But it’s not about me. It’s about the little guy who may have lost only a couple hundred thousand dollars.”

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Romney: Obama’s Promise of Storm Aid Will Just Encourage More Storms

Mitt Romney complained yesterday that President Obama is clearly overstepping the powers assigned to the federal government by the United States Constitution, as the President promised forthcoming help in the face of Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the eastern seaboard.

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