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Writer Unable To Make Outlandish and Unbelievable Stories About Republican Positions on Abortion and Rape

It isn’t for lack of trying. Every time he dreams up an outlandish quote to attribute to a real or imagined Republican lawmaker or aspiring lawmaker, fiction becomes fact and his piece is again off to the wastebasket.

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Controversial North Carolina Voter ID Law Allows Voters To Use NRA Membership or NASCAR Ticket Stub

The new law will allow voters to exercise their enfranchisement with a driver’s license, an NRA membership card, a hunting license, a NASCAR ticket stub, or a Piggly Wiggly Reward Card.

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Congressman Proposes Regulatory Reform

“The law that is perhaps the most burdening to commerce, the Law of Gravity, will also be eliminated. In the past only a very few magicians were ever allowed to defy gravity. Now, by doing away with this law, businesses will be able to move freight faster and at greatly reduced cost.”

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