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Kanye Asks Wife Kim To Make Another Sex Tape To Raise One Billion For ‘His Dreams’

Well, that’s certainly one way to do it.

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Kanye West Gets Head Stuck in Rectum, Hospitalized

  According to early reports, popular rapper Kanye West has been admitted to a Los Angeles hospital due to a serious rectal blockage. Allegedly, West got his own head lodged in his rectum, causing severe spinal and intestinal injuries and further brain damage. Dr. Dean Rueter, Kanye’s surgeon, was able to comment on the matter. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said, chuckling. “Sorry,” he added. “This is a very, uh, unusual injury, so my staff and I are […]

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Kanye West Now Official Spokesman for Massengill Douches

In a press release today the marketing department at Massengill announced that for the first time ever a man will represent one of their products. Kanye West, the famed rapper/producer has been chosen to be the first ever male spokesperson for Massengill Douches. Massengill has been providing cleaning products and feminine hygiene products since 1898. When asked why they chose Kanye for this honor, Massengill public relations director Clive Cluster had this to say: “We’ve been toying with the idea […]

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