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Over Half of Chimpanzees Reject Idea of Common Ancestry With Ken Ham

Fresh on the heels of a Pew Research Center poll showing that 33% of Americans do not believe in evolution and a common ancestry between humans and apes, a new poll of chimpanzees shows that more than 50% reject the idea of common ancestry with president of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum owner Ken Ham. “You must be joking” said one chimp, using a new thought-to-speech technology developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “A common ancestor? No […]

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EPA Scientists Say “We Quit!” – Agency to Close Immediately

The EPA announcement comes at the end of a tumultuous period in which the scientific community has been regularly attacked by religious conservatives and big business lobbyists.

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Rick Santorum Is Willing To Remove A Rib To Put Creationism Into Public Schools

In an effort to put Creationism into the public schools of the United States, Rick Santorum is bravely willing to pull out one of his own ribs to watch it turn into a woman.

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