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New, More Accurate Calendar Found, Which Proves World Ends In 11 Days

It turns out that the Mayans were wrong. A much more accurate calendar has been discovered, one which also includes the cycles of the moon as well as assigning sequential numerals to the dates and separating them in groups of seven.

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Australia Reports: Giant and Overwhelmingly Bright Orb Appears In Sky Emitting Heat On Dec. 21

With Australia being among some of the first to see what happens on the apparent “Doomsday” according to the Mayan calendar, citizens report seeing a gigantic orb in the sky which hurts to look directly at and it seems to emit heat.

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Glenn Beck: Doomsday is Here – The Only Thing Left We Can Do Is Crawl Back Under Our Rocks

At this point I don’t even think any amount of guns or ammunition or homeschooling or moving to uninhabited lands will protect us from those who seek to “enlighten” us. We need to go further. We need to fully shelter ourselves once again from this scary reality we live in.

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