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Obama to Nominate Chuck Norris as Secretary of Defense

In an effort of bipartisanship, President Obama appears to be skimming over potential nominees such as former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel in favor of television action star Chuck Norris.

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TwinkieGate Investigator Probes Obama About Little Debbie Affair

Popular food-like snack company Hostess announced that they are ceasing production of their iconic treats. Shocked Americans demand answers! Is the post-election timing just a coincidence? Or is there a greater conspiracy brewing?

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Rick Perry Dashes Nation’s Hopes, Announces Texas Won’t Secede

A recent petition regarding Texas secession gathered tens of thousands of signatures on the White House website, though many are thought to have been from residents of other states. Later investigation also revealed that 35,000 of them were “Chuck Norris”.

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