Trump Gives Putin Honorary American Citizenship; Boasts It’s ‘Good Diplomacy’

In a move that shocks no one, United States President Donald Trump has bestowed an honorary American citizenship upon Russian President Vladimir Putin. With his new dual citizenship Putin will now be able to openly dictate American policy, instead of merely behind closed doors.

“This is all in the good name of transparency, okay?” Trump told Free Wood Post. “We aren’t looking to fool anyone. Vlad and I want everyone to know what exactly is going on. And what’s going on is good diplomacy. This will free up and cut a lot of bureaucratic red tape that has been limiting us from the get go. Now with Vlad is an American citizen he’ll be free to do whatever he wants. Not that he wasn’t already, amirite? However, now those annoying obstructionist Democrats and the fake news media can get off my back about it.”

It’s likely Democrats and the media aren’t going to be backing off Putin becoming an an honorary citizen and dictating American policy anytime soon. In fact, this may have just made matters worse, but Trump being the kind of person to double-down instead of own up to mistakes, he’s going all in, and letting Putin pull the strings out there in the open.

We’ll keep you up to date as details regarding this story unfold.


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