Trump To Insist All Members Of Congress Call Him ‘Dear Leader’

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Donald Trump wanting Democrats to clap for him no matter what he says. He went so far to even call Democrats treasonous.

Well, the criticism against this dictatorial move is about to get even more severe with his latest remarks to Free Wood PostWhen asked how he really feels about the way those in Congress treat him, he said he would like them to not only clap and agree with everything he says, but also call him “Dear Leader” much like the citizens in North Korea.

“It’s just the patriotic thing to do,” Trump told FWP. “These Democrats are lucky to have me as their leader saving the United States and they don’t show any respect whatsoever. It’s pathetic and they are traitors.” When we reminded Trump that Congress is an entirely separate branch of government with elected leaders that can actually hold him accountable to the point of removal, he said, “That’s ridiculous. All of Congress are my employees and they should be proud to call me Dear Leader. After all, I am their Dear Leader. It works for little rocket man and it will work for me.”

It’s clear that Trump has no idea what the United Constitution is nor the power Congress holds nor the balance of power. It’s also clear that he’s a sad, sad man who has obviously never been truly loved the way that he should have been and now demands it rather than earn or receive it naturally.

Leaders from the Democratic side of the aisle responded to Trump’s request with laughter, while Republican leaders nodded in agreement and began immediately regardless of the rule of law in the United States. “Dear Leader has our respect one hundred percent,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), “one hundred percent.”

Featured image by Gage Skidmore

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