Trump Excited To Perjure Himself More Than Anyone In The History Of The Universe (TWEET)

With news of Donald Trump about to be questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s in charge of the Russia investigation alongside other alleged financial crimes, the president made his enthusiasm about the event known on Twitter.

Trump tweeted out:

“Measly Mueller wants to question me? He has no idea what he’s in for. I will be the biggest perjurer of all the perjurers in the history of the UNIVERSE. He hasn’t seen anything until he’s seen me! #MAGA”


Now, rumor has it, Trump overheard someone talking about his upcoming questioning on cable news, and the possibility of perjuring himself was very high. When he asked Ivanka what perjury was, she allegedly said, “best answers around” and this is when Trump got very excited, grabbed his phone and tweeted out that he will be consistently lying to the man who could potentially indict and get him sent to prison.

Funny thing is, this may be the first time Trump’s told the truth in his life, albeit accidentally. And because he can never admit that he’s wrong, when Free Wood Post questioned the White House if this is what he truly meant, they said:

“The president says what he means and means what he says.”

With Mueller questioning Trump in only a few weeks time, it seems we’ll find out sooner rather than later if Trump is actually the biggest perjurer in the history of the universe.

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