Trump Giving Lincoln Bedroom To Putin To Streamline U.S. Takeover By Russia

With news of Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intensifying relationship going public and no one really doing anything about any of it, Trump has decided to move Putin into the Lincoln bedroom in the White House to streamline Russia taking over the United States.

Trump told Free Wood Post:

“This isn’t anything any other president wouldn’t do. It’s totally normal. I bet Hillary Clinton would have done something worse. Not that I’m saying what I’m doing is bad. It’s not. It’s totally fine. Believe me. I’ve looked at the history of what president’s have done in the White House and this is completely fine. Tremendous, in fact. Putin just wants to be able to have me around to advise me on the nation’s most critical issues. He’s been a president of a nation for a long time, so I trust him and you should too. In fact, if you don’t trust Putin, that’s unAmerican.”

Hopefully, Congress will step in and actually protect the sanctity of the White House sooner rather than later, but in the mean time, many are wondering if Trump will join Putin in the Lincoln bedroom, or if he’ll stay with Melania. It’s really all left to speculation at this point.


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