Duck Dynasty Cancelled After Robertsons Accept Roles Within Trump Administration

It’s no coincidence that Duck Dynasty was cancelled right after Donald Trump won the presidential election. In fact, it was a plan set in motion long before Trump won, that if he were to declare victory, both Willie and Phil Robertson would take up roles within the Trump administration.

Then, right on schedule, we hear the news that Duck Dynasty was cancelled off A&E only days after the election.

The two men are set to take up roles within the Department of Education so that they can continue to make future Trump voters for generations to come, even long after Donald Trump leaves office, he wants his legacy to remain.

This is definitely a new America we’re living in, one that the documentary Idiocracy highlighted back in 2006, and it was already a work in the making.

Only time will tell to see if Trump will follow through with any of his campaign promises, but seeing the Robertson brothers already claim their roles so promptly makes one think Trump means business.

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