Hillary To Seat Random Stranger From Local Applebees In Front Row Of Debate

Since Donald Trump is inviting seemingly random folks to the presidential debates to try to rattle Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State is upping the challenge.

Clinton told Free Wood Post, “Apparently he believes inviting President Obama’s half-brother will rattle my chains. I’m not sure what his game plan is, but if it’s to be random, well, I’ve got something for him.”

When we pressed Clinton on who she plans to seat in the front row at the debate, she laughed and said:

“Oh, well, I had my campaign staff go over to the local Applebees and ask the crowd there if anyone would want to have a great seat at the debate. So, this guy Mike Gringlehugg raised his hand and will be seated right there front and center.”

When we asked if it was to show the plight of the average American, Clinton chuckled and said:

“Haha, no. In fact, I know it’s not gonna do anything, but it makes me laugh, and really, at this point in the election, we all need some laughter. Heck, if he thinks he can be random with who he brings, well, I can be even more random.”

It will be interesting to see what Trump thinks of this selection, but we have to admit, it’s pretty damn funny.

Image: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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