Trump To Seat Four Women He Hasn’t Sexually Assaulted In Front Row Of Next Debate

In another move aimed directly at Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Republican nominee Donald Trump plans to seat four women he’s never sexually assaulted in the front row of the next Presidential debate October 19th in Las Vegas.

Pundits are calling the move a slap in the face to Clinton and a direct repudiation of the narrative that he’s an aggressive sexual predator. Appearing at the debate with an entire slate of four women whom he has never sexually assaulted would be a devastating takedown of those in the mainstream media trying to impugn his character with allegations of sexual misconduct.

The women, if Trump continues to not sexually assault them before the debate, will go a long way in disproving any claims that he assaults every woman he meets. So far, sources are saying the women will be Agnes Steinmann, 92, Delores Wilson, 93, Betty Vandenburg, 89, and Edna Garrett, 90.

UPDATE: Ms. Garrett will no longer be attending the debate as a guest of Mr. Trump.

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