Target Easing Fears Of Sexual Assault With New Trump-Only Bathrooms

Target (TGT) is investing millions of dollars nationally to ease the public’s fears of sexual assault in its restrooms. Despite lack of evidence of such assaults by the transgender community, recent laws in some states have attempted to require that people make use of bathrooms that they are not comfortable using in accordance with their sexual identity.

In response, Target had already committed to building third bathrooms which can be used by those requiring privacy, but it has now become apparent that this may not be enough. Recent events have demonstrated that some people are “moving like a bitch” on others, kissing them and grabbing their genitals in unwanted fashion. Similar individuals have also expressed opinions about how “hot” certain 12-year-old girls might be or that their own daughter might be a nice “piece of ass.” So the company is also installing “Trump-Only” bathrooms for creepy old bastards who don’t recognize the boundaries that all decent humans are familiar with.

Construction of the Trump-Only restrooms will begin in March, or possibly November if necessary.

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