United States Creepy Clown Problem Getting Out Of Hand

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s an epidemic growing across the United States. Creepy clowns are popping up everywhere scaring entire communities. They like to just appear and see what happens next with people’s reactions.

One of the clowns appearing most frequently across the entire nation is this one:


Creepiest clown of all.

He’s literally appearing in nearly every state of the country trying to get people to pay attention to him.

His presence isn’t only scaring children, it’s scaring millions upon millions of grown adults nationwide.

It’s been rumored that he wants to set up camp in Washington DC, but people across the nation are working diligently day in and day out to keep him from getting the necessary things he needs to stake a claim there.

We here at Free Wood Post will keep you updated as this story progresses.

Image: Evan Guest (Flickr)

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