Trump Still Hoping To Appeal To ‘Idiots Who Pay Taxes’

Monday night’s first Presidential debate was a fiery affair, which featured lots of interruptions and raised voices. It became especially heated when the subject came to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s tax returns. Candidates going back into the 1970s have consistently produced their tax returns, but Trump has so far refused to do so.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton offered some theories as to why Trump might be withholding his tax returns. One was that possibly Trump isn’t as rich as he says, but Trump refuted that possibility by saying he totally is. Another suggestion was that perhaps he hasn’t been paying any federal income tax, to which he claimed that just goes to show how smart he is.

The exchange raised some eyebrows, and yet Mr. Trump still believes he can appeal to the sorts of fools who might pay taxes. He still feels that his economic plan might be palatable to the sorts of nitwits who don’t have the good sense to shelter income in an offshore tax haven, or the types of boneheads who can’t bring themselves to balance income with claimed losses, or the kinds of muttonheads who would just do their own taxes, enter their W-2 information, and pay whatever their tax software says they owe after claiming all of their reasonable deductions. He strongly believes that his secret plan to foil ISIS alone will be plenty to bend the ear of any moron not willing to form a shell company, or any imbecile forgetting to engage in equity swaps, or any simpleton not arranging to take compensation in the form of payments-in-kind before the jack booted regulators outlawed it. He still hopes to have the vote of those hopeless rubes.

Image: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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