BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Colonoscopy Reveals All His Policy Ideas (DETAILS)

With rumors swirling around both presidential candidates regarding their medical records, part of Donald Trump’s was just revealed, and it included a detailed look at his colonoscopy.

Apparently, while inside of Trump’s asshole, the doctor could see all of the Republican candidate’s policy ideas.

Around one corner, there was a small blueprint depicting a giant wall along the entire border between the United States and Mexico. Then, making another turn, you could see him turning away every Muslim who seeks refuge on our nation’s shores from their own war-torn nations.

Another polyp revealed eliminating health insurance for millions of Americans who have gained access to care under the Affordable Care Act. While another showed a gun in the hand of every American with no solution to gun violence whatsoever.

One of the biggest things discovered out of Trump’s ass was his tax policy. It was filled with shit that only helped the already wealthy while making the working poor suffer, and suffocated the Middle Class.

When we asked the doctor what he thought of all these discoveries within Trump’s colon, they said:

“Once we were in there everything started to make sense.”

It’s become abundantly clear that Donald Trump definitely has been pulling his ideas out of his ass, and this colonoscopy proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Image: Flickr

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