Maryland Woman Sees Donald Trump Face On Toast, Immediately Throws In Trash (IMAGE)

It was a balmy Monday morning when Maryland resident Mary Sue Forsenballen woke up to make her children some breakfast before they headed off to school. She did what she normally does — scramble up some eggs and throw a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster.

It was what came out of the toaster that completely took Mary Sue by surprise.

As the bread popped up, Mary Sue screamed and jumped back noticing that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s face had been burnt into one of the slices of toast. She immediately grabbed it with a napkin and tossed it into the trash.

She told Free Wood Post:

“I didn’t want my children to see such a horrible thing on their food. It would give them nightmares let alone make them lose their appetite. I can’t allow such a horrible thing to be seen in my house.”

Mary Sue sent us a picture of the toast right before it was thrown away:


Trump Toast

Really, who can blame her? This is not something suitable for a younger audience. Between Trump’s vulgar and deplorable sentiments towards women, Muslims, people of color, the disabled, immigrants, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a white straight male, he is definitely someone who’s words and actions need to be kept far from children and especially human consumption.

Hopefully, Trump’s chances at the White House are as realistic as this article.

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