Hillary Regrets Saying Half Of Trump’s Supporters Are Deplorable, Meant To Say All

At a recent rally in New York City, Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd of her supporters and decided to talk a bit about Donald Trump and his supporters. She said:

“To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’ Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

Although now with the backlash piling up, Clinton has released a statement clarifying her remarks and her regrets on not being completely honest.

“There is a lot being said about my remarks on Friday, and I’ll admit, it wasn’t the right thing to do. It was an error in judgement. I should have been more honest. I said that half of Trump’s supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’ — that was wrong — when, in fact, nearly all of Trump’s supporters are deplorable for supporting such a racist, misogynistic Islamophobe. It’s shocking, really, that people would support such a horrible human being. So, I regret not being more honest. I will hold myself to clarify the full extent of Trump and his supporters’ bigotry in the future.”

Undoubtedly, more furor will arise from these remarks, but we’ve got to admit, the candor from Clinton is very much appreciated.

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