No Recognition Of ‘Aleppo’ Disqualifies Candidate From Running Against Man With Putin Poster Over Bed

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson made a huge gaffe during a recent interview, in which he failed to recognize “Aleppo” as a ravaged city in the war-torn country of Syria. Johnson admitted his mistake and accepted that he should have recognized the name. But it has almost universally agreed upon that it is too late and he should be disqualified from running for President.

Meanwhile, the eminently qualified Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for being such a strong and popular leader in his home country. “They love him! He’s so strong. He’s put over 10,000 political opponents in the Gulag. Obama doesn’t even have a Gulag! Putin has an 82% approval rating and it’s climbing every day.” He also blamed military rapes on “geniuses” putting men and women together in the same workplace, repeats long-debunked lies about opposing the war in Iraq before the invasion, and has a secret plan for defeating ISIS which doesn’t actually exist. He leaked some alleged information from his Presidential security briefing. He has questioned President Obama’s birth certificate, but will not release his tax returns. He has suggested that Mexican immigrants are rapists. He ran a sham “university.” He pretended to be a spokesman for himself. He proposed an unconstitutional religiously-based ban. [Editor’s note: Paragraph extremely truncated for brevity. We get it!]

But Aleppo.

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