Trump Sends Matt Lauer Edible Arrangement As Thank You For Softball Questions

During NBC’s Presidential Forum a budding new bromance definitely took hold.

It all happened moments after 30 minutes of hardball questions to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Matt Lauer didn’t seem to let the former Secretary of State get away with much of anything. However, when it came to Republican nominee Donald Trump, Matt Lauer nearly slipped off his seat with the excitement of being there with him.

It was an instant connection between Lauer and Trump.

Trump would be asked a question that he would follow with a bunch of bullshit, and Lauer would simply nod and move on to the next question. Never interrupting him, of course. Hillary, on the other hand, apparently rambled on too long, because Lauer was all too eager to chime in mid-sentence.

Lauer wasn’t about to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. That would require actual work, and no one wants to work with their new best buddy. It might ruin the friendship.

As a thank you to Lauer for not doing his job and letting the Republican nominee get away with everything he wanted to pretend to be or say, Trump sent a large edible arrangement to the set of the TODAY Show. It was delivered right before Lauer helped Martha Stewart tell some tomatoes what’s what.

As for what the future holds for Trump and Lauer, really who’s to know, but as of now, they’re still in their honeymoon period.

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