Most Americans Willing To Be Put Into Medically Induced Coma Until Election Day

After a year and a half of campaigning, the 2016 presidential election still has a couple of more months to go, and if people haven’t figured out who they are voting for by this point they may just be stupid.

Knowing that the sentiment surrounding this election is that many just want it to be over, Free Wood Post conducted a survey of 500 participants and asked what they would like to do with the remaining time.

While many simply said the election should just be held now, an overwhelming majority of participants revealed that they would be willing to be put into a medically induced coma until November 7th. That would give them one day to wake up and then go to the polls on the 8th to vote.

It seems Americans everywhere are suffering from election fatigue, in particular, Trump fatigue. Hearing his voice on the news 24/7 and seeing his face is causing visceral reactions in many citizens who would rather be knocked out than have to suffer through one more minute of his hateful campaign.

While Free Wood Post has no ability to connect people to obtaining these comas, please do not inquire within, but we understand the sentiment.

Image: Flickr/Instagram

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