Missing All The Negative Attention On Him, Tom Brady Tries New Haircut

With attention being brought to 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the National Anthem to protest police brutality against people of color, this has left New England Patriots QB Tom Brady wondering how to bring the attention back to himself.

As many know, the football star will be sitting out the first four games of the season because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to show he wears the pants around the league. He figured suspending an athlete over unproven allegations of a slightly under-inflated football is a better idea than kicking out child abusers. However, that being said, Brady is still missing all the negative attention on himself.

So, in an effort to show he can still be hated, he cut his hair to make himself look like the character Zach Morris from the 90s hit show Saved By The Bell.

“I thought it would definitely show people I can still be hated, too,” Brady told Free Wood Post. “Even for something as mundane as a haircut. I was running out of things that make me look like a douchebag, so I figured getting a terrible haircut is always a solid fallback.”

Undoubtedly, people definitely took notice and have criticized him just as he had hoped. Brady works hard every year to appear as pretentious as possible, so when he wins his Superbowl rings he can rub them all in people’s faces.

Between the haircut and the suspension, Brady unquestionably is going for ring number five, and the ladies probably all still love him.

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