BOMBSHELL: Hillary’s Health Status Looks To Be More Interesting Than Previously Realized

Rumors have been circulating regarding Hillary Clinton’s health. One of the leading people circulating that rumor is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. So, we here at Free Wood Post felt compelled to look into how these rumors came about and maybe figure out what the former Secretary of State might actually have going on healthwise.

As we looked deeper into Clinton’s health we found some pretty interesting things. For instance, she prefers exercise that isn’t strenuous on one’s joints; yoga, pilates, and sometimes even speed walking.

We also found out that while at the dentist, Hillary prefers strawberry toothpaste. And yes, this took us by surprise, too. We figured maybe she would like mint, or perhaps cinnamon, but strawberry? What is she, five? This is something we’d expect from Trump. Although, he probably likes bubble gum.

Then we found out at her most recent eye exam that she has the power to see through walls. We had to triple check to make sure that what we were reading was correct. So, screw emails, she can likely telepathically transmit messages to people worldwide. She’s a frickin’ superhero.

While looking at her bloodwork, you won’t believe this, BUT she seems to have been bitten by a radioactive spider and may or may not have more super-human abilities we’re not aware of. More evidence is needed to confirm this.

When it came to breathing, she seems to be able to hold her breath underwater for 15 minutes at a time. Who in the world can do that? Well, it would seem Hillary Rodham Clinton can.

All in all, these were some pretty interesting things we found out about Hillary’s health, so Trump isn’t totally wrong when he says people should look into it, BUT when they find out the truth, it will likely work to her favor and not his.

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