Trump: ‘No, We Don’t Need A Northern Border Wall, They’re All White Up There’

In what some could call a rather candid moment for the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump just revealed why he hasn’t proposed a border wall along the northern border of the nation as well.

He stated, in his ever so blunt tone, that we don’t need a northern border wall because everyone coming over from Canada is presumably white.

Trump told Free Wood Post in an exclusive interview:

“No, we don’t need a northern border wall, they’re all white up there. Even if they’re coming in illegally, they’ll probably bring a lot to the table. They’re not the rapists and murderers like those dirty immigrants from the south. Have you seen how dirty those people are? It’s disgusting. I have a story, but I’ll save that for another day. After all, the Canadians can assimilate with the rest of us real Americans. I’m not at all worried. Do I sound worried? I’m not worried. I’m the least worried you could every be. I’m the best at not being worried about Canadians. We really don’t need to talk about this anymore.”

At least he’s finally being honest about something. It was already assumed that this was the reason he wasn’t worried about a northern border wall, but now it has been confirmed.

Featured Photo: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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