Trump Campaign Launches ‘Trump Youth’ Camps Nationwide To Spread ‘National Pride’

With summer winding down and children preparing to head back to school, the Donald Trump campaign has been hard at work quickly putting together over one dozen camps for children across the country to spread the message of national pride.

The camps are called “Trump Youth For America” and entry to one of the camps consists of one simple entrance quiz. The questions are:

  1. Are you an American citizen?
  2. Do you speak English?
  3. Do you have white skin?

If all three answers are “yes,” the child is granted admission to the camp where indoctrination “learning how to be a true American” begins.

The children are taught, through a number of games, such as “Grab the Illegal,” and “Spot the Muslim,” as well as “Get the Women to the Kitchen,” how to truly be a “good” American, and grow into fine, upstanding citizens.

Alongside games, many songs are sung to instill a sense of pride. Songs like “I’m a Good Little White American,” and “Don’t Be Coming To My Country,” as well as “Get the Women back to the Kitchen,” and “Trump is my Master, Trump is My Friend.”

Several skill sets are learned as well. Such as, shooting, shooting at a target, as well as shooting first and aiming later.

By the end of the week’s session, the children are given a red armband with a black “T” inside a white circle emblazoned on it to show that they have completed the courses offered through the camp, and to also declare their nationalistic pride and dedication to their “Supreme Leader,” Donald Trump.

It’s even recently been announced that if Trump is to win the presidency, these camps will be offered on a monthly basis throughout the course of his presidency.

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