Trump Tosses Crying Baby From Rally, Then Realizes He Needs To Get Back Inside

While addressing a crowd in Virginia on Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stopped what he was saying to toss out a crying baby.

At this point, security took Trump very seriously, grabbed him from the stage and dragged him outside of the venue. It was only at this moment did Trump realize that he wasn’t specific enough, and they took him at his figurative word and not his literal description.

For months, Trump has been whining on stages across the nation acting like a child and getting his audiences to go along with him. However, due to new security detail, when Trump asked for the baby that was crying in the crowd to be removed, they assumed he was speaking about himself.

Trump was then left with the realization that he needed to get back inside his own rally, and we can only hope that this is the wake-up call he needs to start behaving like a grown up.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)

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