New York Post To Release Nude Donald Trump Photos

Since the distraction tactic of releasing nude photos of Melania Trump isn’t working quite as well as Donald would have hoped to get people’s attention off the fact that he’s a raging bigot who attacks Gold Star families, he’s decided he needs to take it a step further. So, he’s now having the Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post release nude images of himself.

We can only assume these images will look like a melting creamsicle — all white with an orange top, but chances are, they will be photoshopped and will likely not be Trump’s true physique.

Trump is taking a cue from Vladimir Putin who often likes to be seen topless wading through rivers and riding horses, and agrees it will epitomize his strength and valor, since he doesn’t have any strength and valor to actually speak of.

The photos are set to be released next Monday.

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