Sarah Palin Still Trying To Figure Out Who ‘Brexit’ Is And Why She Didn’t Think Of That Name For Her Kids

With the referendum actually passing and Brexit becoming a reality, it’s left many people everywhere with a lot of questions about what’s to come next.

Most people are very concerned about the markets and their retirement, as well as the value of the British pound. However, other folks, folks like Sarah Palin, are left wondering what, or rather who, Brexit actually is.

In a phone interview with Free Wood Post, Palin told us:

“I tell ya, I’m still not sure what the big ta do is about this Brexit fella. He doesn’t even seem to be American. And what sorta guy goes around not havin’ a last name. Who he think he is? Cher? or Gandhi? Or that other righteous fella, Jesus? Oh, no sir. I don’t think so.

Although, I will tell ya one thing. I sure do gosh darn like that name and wish I had thought of if for my kids. Maybe Bristol will name her next baby Brexit, or maybe the baby after that… All I know is, I can’t wait for this hubbub to be over so we can go back to makin’ America great again with my pal Donald J. Trump.”

When we tried to explain to Palin that Brexit was actually short for British Exit, she started humming a song that sounded a lot like “This Land is Your Land,” but it was hard to make out.

It will be interesting to see if a future Palin child is named Brexit. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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