Paul Ryan: ‘Maybe A Racist President Is Exactly What We Need’

Speaker Paul Ryan knows full-well that the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a raging racist who doesn’t even hide his racism. Yet, this doesn’t stop him from throwing his support behind the candidate.

Ryan told Free Wood Post:

“People can say a lot of things about Donald Trump. Even that he’s racist, because he is, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote for him. Maybe a racist president is exactly what we need. Someone who can stand strong by their ideals and never waver in the face of criticism. He says he’s Republican, and because of that, I’ll vote for him. I really don’t need any other reason either to vote for him, or not vote for him. My brain is actually that simplistic and myopic that I can’t form rational though beyond party identification. So we have a racist president for a few years. How bad could it actually be?”

It would seem Ryan doesn’t quite understand the weight of his endorsement and his words when he states he’ll actually support an openly racist candidate who has even been endorsed by white supremacists nationwide.

Meanwhile, former Speaker John Boehner is quietly at home enjoying a cigarette with a bold Chianti. He saw the writing on the wall, and peacefully slipped away leaving this mess to Ryan.

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