Hillary Spotted Scraping Trump Off Heel Of Shoe After Foreign Policy Speech

With Donald Trump constantly boasting how wonderful he is in regards to, well, pretty much everything, Hillary Clinton decided to take the reality television star down a notch with some actual plans and experience in foreign policy.

During the speech she hit him hard on his incompetency and how dangerous he would be for not only the nation, but the world. In fact, Trump displayed he was so flustered by the smackdown that he misspelled his angry tweet trying to say she’s wrong.

It was what was spotted by Free Wood Post after the speech that really caught our eye, and that was Hillary trying to scrape Trump off the bottom of her shoe after grinding him in to the ground. Apparently the pile of shit, better known as Donald Trump, was really ground into to her leather loafers.

In fact, Hillary could be heard saying:

“There’s not a stick big enough for this…”

Her fact-checking, and touting of the truth reduced Trump to the pile of poo that he really is. It left him, quite literally, without a leg to stand on. As it turns out, the former Secretary of State, who is the most traveled in the history of the republic, and who has also brokered peace deals, is just a tad more experienced than a man who thinks judging and international beauty contest makes him worthy of being leader of the free world.

It was truly a sight to behold.

Image: Twitter

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