Donald Trump Diagnosed With Multiple Personality Disorder

As many are watching Donald Trump deny that he was his own publicist “John Miller” in the early 1990s, several psychologists are now speaking up that perhaps we shouldn’t be making fun of him.

Pretty much everyone and their mother is taking jabs at Donald Trump for clearly denying that he pretended to be his own PR guy, but what’s being overlooked is the fact that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has multiple personality disorder.

It seems as if Trump is not be lying when he’s denying it was him, because he may not actually remember making the call to People magazine in the first place. Multiple personality disorder, now called dissociative identity disorder, can display two or more completely separate and distinct personalities and change how one behaves.

Many psychologists have also stated he has narcissistic personality disorder as well, with an extremely increased sense of self-importance that holds no basis in reality.

Instead of making fun of Trump, we should be supportive of him getting the much-needed mental help he seems to so desperately need.

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