New ‘Bigots Only’ Bathroom Bill Up For Vote In North Carolina To Accommodate Religious Zealots

With the backlash to their “gender specific” law requiring individuals use the bathroom according the gender on their birth certificates growing every day, North Carolina legislators are rapidly seeking a solution.

Hundreds of businesses, artists, comedians, etc. are either abandoning the state or refusing to perform due to the legislated discrimination. So, in an effort to seek compromise in an otherwise brutally conservative state capitol, one Democrat is seeking compromise.

State Senator Kate Broltenberg (D) proposed a bill titled “Freedom To Pee In My Own Self-Grandeur” that is currently up for a vote next week. The bill is designed to accommodate the state’s bigoted zealots who don’t realize transgender men and women are human beings who deserve respect and dignity.

If the bill were to pass and be signed into law, instead of keeping transgender individuals out of the bathroom, it will offer a whole new bathroom with a sign that reads “bigots only.” It will be there that bigots, excuse me, those who believe in “religious freedom” can pee amongst other like-minded, myopic zealots.

The proposed sign looks as such:


The sign is fairly to the point and should be apparent to any bigots seeking a place to relieve themselves while in restaurants, malls, businesses, movie theaters, stadiums, or any other number of public places. They’ll also be available to purchase for those who would like to place them in their homes for those who visit to know which bathroom is for the bigoted members of the family.

If the bill doesn’t pass, further efforts for a complete repeal of the bigoted North Carolina law will resume. Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as details unfold.

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