Bill Nye To Sarah Palin: ‘Why Are You Still Relevant?’

There are a lot of things in this world that will make you scratch your head, but really none more than failed 2008 GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin saying that she’s “as much a scientist” as world-renowned scientist and mechanical engineer Bill Nye.

Speaking out in response to this absolutely ludicrous statement made by the reality television star is none other than Bill Nye himself. In a phone interview with Free Wood Post, the actual scientist made the following statement:

“Listen, I’m not one to sit and bash another fellow human being, but I can’t sit back and let this statement go unrefuted. It’s absurd to think that a woman who quits what she starts and then tries to stay relevant through reality television would actually say that she’s as much a scientist as I am. Sure, she said it to try to say that I’m not, but that just makes her look even more preposterous. Speaking of relevancy, I have a question for Palin, ‘why are you still relevant?’ With a career full of ghost-written books, half terms and failed ratings, you’d think the world would have just shut her off by this point. Maybe that will be my next scientific discovery as the actual scientist that I am — uncovering the Theory of Relevancy regarding washed-up former politicians trying to hang on to whatever fame they have left.”

Nye’s words were brutal, but not incorrect. In fact, it’s likely many have pondered the question of why she’s still featured so often in the limelight. A question for the ages, really.

Good on Nye for speaking up against such a ridiculous attack on his credentials.

Image: Wiki Commons/Flickr

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