Evil Incarnate Appears On CNN In Human Form

As the saying goes, beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It should also be known that we should all be wary of evil incarnate taking on the shape of a human being. Which is exactly what happened on CNN when Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared to seem human.

The junior Texas senator was interviewed by Anderson Cooper, and all was business as usual, until they brought out, as we were told, his family. All of a sudden, Cruz’s evil seemed almost charming, his wife and children said lovely things about him, and for a brief moment America saw him as — human.

The fact that this happened should terrify us all to our very core that such evil was able to manipulate the minds of so many. Even the minds of those who know of smarmy evil ways, and how he’ll sell you miracle water for a vote. It’s concerning that he was so easily able to all of a sudden appear to be human.

Don’t be fooled, America. He’s still the guy that wants to strip health care from millions of Americans, strip marriage rights from millions more, and thinks Godfather 3 is a good movie.

Just because Cruz appeared as a human, doesn’t mean he really is, he’s still the evil snake we love to hate.

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