New Survey Suggests Trump Is Least Liked Person In Entire Galaxy

It’s not just us folks, life from around the Milky Way is speaking up and letting us know that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is bad news.

Free Wood Post sent out a galactic survey with the help of NASA and SpaceX to any and all known life-forms that could be rounded up from within our galaxy. Earth, by far, showed the least amount of favorability for the, what can only be assumed, human candidate. Although, the scientific findings have yet to be returned.

Could a Trump presidency set off intragalactic turmoil? Well, that’s yet to be determined and hopefully we won’t have to find out, because the people of Earth, on the continent of North America, in the nation of the United States will hopefully come to their senses and make sure Trump doesn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office.

This election is turning out to be much bigger than just ourselves and our nation, it affects the entire world and the galaxy in which we live. Remember that come election day this November.

Image: Wiki Commons/Flickr

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