Bill O’Reilly To Be Honored At Annual KKK Media Awards

Every year the Ku Klux Klan holds their own version of the Emmy Awards called the “Brothers In White Awards Ceremony.” They give out awards to those who they believe exhibit not only the qualities they hope to see in how certain broadcasts and shows are delivered, but also as an overall lifestyle choice.

This year, the KKK is honoring none other than Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, and what cemented his place at the award show this year were his recent comments on his show discussing minority voters with Donald Trump where he said black people are dumb and aren’t qualified for jobs.

A spokesperson for the KKK released this statement:

“What we witnessed was a true brother, a man who was even able to out-do Donald Trump in his honest depiction of minority populations. He’s a brilliant man who day in and day out serves to save us all and make sure America is a land where white reigns supreme. It will be an honor to have Bill O’Reilly at our awards this year. He exudes everything we expect and hope for out of journalism and media.”

It is quite telling that O’Reilly was able to out-racist even Donald Trump. That ability in and of itself is, for the good majority of us, cringeworthy, but to the KKK, he’s a hero.

O’Reilly’s rep didn’t return our request for comment, but it was rumored through the grapevine that the Fox News host is honored to be honored. He’s felt, for a long time, to have been the Susan Lucci of the KKK Media awards ceremony. However, now he feels he’s finally getting his just deserts.

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