Mississippi To Soon Turn Away Those With Tattoos, Eat Shellfish, Or Wear Polyester

It looks as though since Mississippi was able to so easily pass their “religious freedom” law to allow for zealots to legally discriminate against gay people, the state is taking it a step further. They seek to truly keep with the literal messages of the Bible and will now also be going after those with tattoos, eat shellfish or wear polyester. All of which are strictly condemned within the same part of the Bible as being gay.

The new bill titled “HB 24601 The Leviticus Freedom Bill” is currently being drafted, and is set to go before committee soon to be further discussed. Lawmakers hope to be able to enable businesses to turn away anyone wearing a poly-cotton blend, sporting a tramp stamp, or frequents Red Lobster.

Seeing this bill being discussed really can’t be all that surprising considering the literal interpretation of the Bible is being used in other areas of law writing. Too bad they didn’t flip forward into the New Testament to notice Jesus never said anything about any of it, but you know, reading and Mississippi don’t really go together.

Image: Wiki Commons

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