Survey Finds Most Trump Supporters Incapable Of Tying Own Shoes

Trump said it himself, he “loves the poorly educated,” and now that statement seems to be more true than we originally realized.

Out of 100 participants who claimed to be Trump supporters, Free Wood Post tested some basic skills and knowledge. And while many couldn’t tell you where the nation’s Capitol is, or who is the current vice president, there were several who couldn’t perform basic motor skill tasks.

One task in particular was the most alarming. Out of the 100 participants only seven could tie their own shoe laces. Most wear velcro or slip-ons, with a favorite being red white and blue Crocs, but several admitted that they have their friends or family members tie their shoes for them.

Now, it could be that this group of individuals hasn’t evolved to the point of opposable thumbs yet and they are incapable of gaining the proper grasp of the laces, but more likely than not, they just can’t figure it out as much as they may try to comprehend it.

This basic lack of motor skills may be indicative of who the Trump supporters are in general, and seeing as many take to primitive behaviors and short bursts of unintelligible speech at rallies, Trump not only loves the “poorly educated,” he loves the incapable of learning. That way he’ll simply be as boisterous as possible and they’ll just be attracted to the loud noises.

Featured image: Flickr

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