Trump Declares He’s ‘Totally Gonna Renovate The White House’ To His Standards

Seemingly tired of how the White House appears on the inside and out, Donald Trump just announced that since he’s now the president-elect, he’s going to completely renovate the home to his liking.

Trump told Free Wood Post:

“Have you seen the place? It’s so old and so outdated, I don’t get how anyone can live in there like that anymore. When I’m president I’m totally gonna renovate the White House. And not just the inside where I’ll get rid of all the stuff that should be in a museum… have you seen the stuff, it’s great stuff… it just doesn’t belong in any home I’ll be living in. I’m also gonna redo the entire exterior. Hell, maybe it won’t even be white anymore. It’s been white for so long. How ’bout a change for once? That’s what this country needs. No more drab white columns that tell our enemies how boring we are. When I’m done with it, it will be great. The best ever. America will thank me. You’ll see.”

It will be interesting to see what the plans are that Trump has for the White House. Meanwhile, America weeps.

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