Ted Cruz Turns Himself In After Insisting All Evil Be Called Out And Stopped

When bad things happen there will always be those to call out evil. This time around it was Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

Cruz insisted that all evil everywhere needs to be called out and stopped. Of course, what he didn’t realize is that he would be called out as well. For years now, Cruz has been at the forefront of discriminating against the LGBT community, trying to strip healthcare from millions, prohibiting women from having control over their own bodies, and wanting to make an entire region of the world “glow in the dark.”

Knowing that, he too, is actually quite evil and the antithesis of the American way of freedom for one and all, he turned himself in to local authorities in his home state of Texas. In a statement released from Cruz’s office, it said:

“While Senator Cruz was trying to insinuate that evil must be stopped worldwide, he failed to take notice that he too is also evil, and subsequently after being called out, he turned himself in. He will not be suspending his campaign as of now, but he did not want to be seen as a hypocrite and followed through on his word that all evil be called out and stopped. We will update you as more information comes in.”

Cruz is currently be held overnight in Austin, but may be back on the campaign trail as early as Thursday afternoon. It’s likely that he’ll choose his words much wiser in the future.


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