Sarah Palin To Host New Show Where Contestants Decipher What She’s Saying

It looks like Sarah Palin just inked a deal to have her very own game show on the Game Show Network.

Considering she’s pretty much a failure at everything she does, this show actually holds the most promise. She can literally show up drunk (and likely will) and just talk out of her ass (as she does) while contestants try to determine what she’s saying.

The show will be called “What’s Sarah Saying?!” and is scheduled to air in the fall of 2016 with shows beginning to tape this July. It may take some time away from her Trump tour, but she’s likely just thinking ahead and knows she’s still needs to milk her fame for as long as she can.

An example of what may happen would be Palin beginning by saying, “Okay folks, here it goes!” then go off on a tangent.

“When the water moose came full frontal to the door of the gumdrop porta potty also and to for there and otherwise we can be cheerful in all and also weather mileage.”

Then the announcer and crowd cheers, “What’s Sarah Saying?!” and the contestants get 20 seconds to come up with their best guess. In this case, she was just asking to use the restroom because she had too many wine spritzers before the show.

Free Wood Post will keep you updated as more details come in regarding the show.

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