The Fiery Pits Of Hell Semi-Annual Prom Goes Off Without Hitch

Every year or so, Satan likes to throw a bash for his best and greatest mortal beings who encapsulate everything he desires to bring forth on all things decent and humane.

The Fiery Pits of Hell Prom is a highly coveted event by most racists and bigots who have great pride in the color of their skin and those who like to impose restrictions on anyone who doesn’t fall into an acceptable category of skin tone.

This year’s prom king and queen were none other than Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. And albeit orange, they embody everything Satan admires about those who enable racists to speak their mind.


2016 Fiery Pits of Hell Prom King and Queen

Hopefully this is the only thing Trump wins this year.

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