Trump University Graduate Majored In Racism, Minored In Violence Towards Others

We’ve been hearing a lot about Trump University in the news lately, and decided to catch up with one of the institution’s graduates. We were curious to see what exactly was being taught there, including what majors and courses of study one could enroll in.

Free Wood Post was able to snag an interview with Jacob Turdibloot, a graduate of Trump University from back in 2009. What he told us was rather compelling and most definitely enlightening:

“I went with the hope of finally being able to live my dreams,” Turdibloot said while smiling. “For years I sat at home unwilling to really get out there and do what was necessary to be what I wanted to be. That was, of course, until I discovered Trump University. At Trump University I majored in racism and was able to really hone in on what it was I hated about everyone who wasn’t white. Because of that, I minored in violence towards others. It was always a life goal to become a professional asshole. And now, because I excelled so greatly in my course of study, Donald Trump, my mentor, has put me on his security staff at many of his events. I literally, get to beat up on others for a living. It’s great. Really great.”

When we asked Turdibloot what he plans to do if Trump doesn’t become president, he said:

“That’s not going to happen. He will be president. Are you saying he won’t? Do I have to kick your ass?”

It was then when we abruptly ended the interview and asked Mr. Turdibloot to leave. When he resisted, we had him escorted out by local law enforcement. But not before he called us a number of epithets we can only assume he learned at Trump University.

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