Many Americans FURIOUS Donald Trump Is Forcing Them To Defend Fox News

Donald Trump has done a lot of despicable things during the course of his campaign. He’s been racist, misogynistic, fascist, and even bitten the head off a cat. However, now he’s gone and done the unimaginable. For most logical-minded Americans watching Fox News is the equivalent of reading satire or sticking your head down the toilet, but now Trump has forced these same Americans to stand up in defense of the Republican media branch.

Trump tweeted out:

And while some could argue that they agree with this summation, others should recognize that he’s just caused a tear in the space-time continuum. Trump, who is evil, just called out Fox News, also evil, but not as evil as Donald Trump, thus forcing millions of Americans to stand up against their will and defend Fox News. For many, this is a fate worse than being forced to watch Fox News, or eat a Trump steak.

No one should be forced to do anything against their will, but Trump has left us no choice. He’s a fascist bully who eats cats. There is nothing worse. Hopefully, once this election is over, these many sane-minded Americans can go back to slamming Fox News over Trump, but until then… things are very confusing.

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