Donald Trump Supporter Positive The Thesaurus Is A Dinosaur

Well, as it turns out, not only are Donald Trump supporters unabashedly racist, but just as many have already thought, they are equally as stupid.

While at a Trump event in Orlando, Florida, Free Wood Post caught up with a few Trump supporters to ask them a few questions. However, one answer caught us completely off guard.

When we asked a supporter, let’s call him “Michael,” about Trump’s slogan and if they could come up with any other catchy things that the Republican frontrunner could use, they said:

“We gotta make America Great Again, though.”

Reiterating that we were looking for another slogan Trump could maybe use further down the road in his campaign, we asked, “Couldn’t you at least look in the Thesaurus to come up with something even a little different to shake things up,” but Michael responded:

“Hey now, I ain’t look for no Thesaurus, we all know dinosaurs never existed and them bones were placed there by evil people trying to make it look like God don’t exist. The only thing we need to say is Make America Great Again. Ain’t no dinosaur gonna tell me otherwise.”

When we began to explain that the Thesaurus is simply a book of words that can be used in the place of other words, but we stopped ourselves short and remembered Trump infamously saying, “I love the poorly educated” and left it at that. We then moved on to the next supporter who introduced us to his wife/cousin.

Featured image: Twitter/photoshop

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