REPORT: Hillary’s Hands Biggest Of All Running

As Republicans apparently think hand size is what matters in running for president, because it apparently insinuates how much of a “man” you are, it doesn’t really indicate that at all. It shows these men on the Republican side desperately trying to puff their chests and prove that they are the biggest and best to run the nation.

So, in a quest to figure out which candidate actually has the biggest “hands” of all running, Free Wood Post conducted a study of each candidate.

As it turns out, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton seems to actually have the biggest hands out of everyone running. And according to our specialist who ran the study:

“The former Secretary of State had the biggest hands of all. She’s clearly ready to kick ass and take names.”

It looks as though hand size isn’t really indicative of dick size after all, but rather ability to get the job done, and Hillary’s hands, by far, are ready to lead.

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