Canadian Prime Minister: ‘If Trump Wins, We Must Build A Wall’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convened an emergency session of Parliament Thursday to unveil his plan to construct a giant wall spanning Canada’s southern border with the United States in the event of a Trump presidency.

The announcement comes at a time of high tension in the U.S., with many intelligent Americans preparing to flee their homes in the wake of a chaotic GOP presidential campaign. The proposed wall would stretch from Vancouver, B.C. to Quebec’s eastern coast, a distance of over 5,000 miles, and would feature armed guards and inspection teams to repel any middle- and working-class families seeking asylum from the grotesque prospect of Donald Trump, commander-in-chief.

Trudeau did not mince words when queried as to the intent of the wall. “Look, when America sends its people, they are not sending their best,” said Trudeau in his opening address. “They’re sending Democrats, they’re sending terrified Gen-Xers, they’re sending disenchanted college graduates. And…some are good people.”

Reports surfaced Thursday afternoon of intent from other countries to follow suit. Multiple accounts have confirmed that Australia and New Zealand have formed a coalition to explore construction of a massive dike that would effectively wall off both countries from the thousands of Americans unable to stomach the vision of a Trump presidency.

Trudeau confided in an informal gathering after the parliamentary session that it was likely he would pursue the wall’s construction if any of the Republican candidates gained the presidency. “If they actually elect one of those guys… look, I love American voters! I love the poorly educated!”

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