Sources Indicate Mitt Romney Is Still A Douchebag Despite Rumors To The Contrary

After listening to the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney speak against Donald Trump, many Americans were left momentarily confused. They took his loathing of Trump and briefly, if for only a moment, saw him as a decent human being.

Although, sources close to Free Wood Post have revealed that Romney is still, in fact, the same douchebag he was four years ago. He still has his “binder full of women.” He still hates the “47 percent.” He still favors the rich over the poor. He still prefers war over peaceful diplomatic solutions. He still doesn’t like equality for the LGBT community. His view on the reality of most Americans is still skewed.

According to our sources:

“While Mitt Romney appears to have shown a brief moment of sanity while openly condemning Donald Trump, the fact remains he’s still the jerk he was four years ago. The fact that many are seeing him as a symbol of hope is further proof the GOP should likely dissolve because it’s gone completely off the deep end. Don’t be fooled, America. This is the same asshole who wanted to kill Big Bird.”

And the fact remains that while even liberals are softening to the idea of a potential Romney run for the White House if Trump gets the nomination, this sort of dark magic will only work if we allow it to work. Don’t fall for it, America. Be smarter than that.

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